cathsparks: writer - a lover - not a fighter

cathsparks: writer - a lover - not a fighter

Welcome to cathsparks: writer - a lover - not a fighter

Welcome to cathsparks: writer - a lover - not a fighter

About Cath Sparks


An alumnus of the 108th graduating class at an East Tennessee boarding school, Cath attended Belmont University on a Presidential Scholarship. After a brief stint in retail, she spent over a decade working in the non-profit world. Her experiences as a special needs  transracial adoptive parent, certified respite care provider, licensed child care director, and case manager of children with Severe Emotional Disturbance, as well as time spent working for a mental health clinic, and as a director of youth ministries, give her a unique perspective on the complexity of family life today. She also writes about topics as banal and diverse as travel, being the spouse of a person on the autism spectrum, living with Lupus, being a plus-size personality, the struggles of the financially strapped, religious faith, shame, forgiveness, friendship, genealogy, and grief. Having resided in Greater Knoxville, Asheville, and Austin, and having traveled from New York City to Vienna, she settled down in Middle Tennessee with husband, Jason, in 1995. They have 3 grown children, and 2 grandchildren, from the trio of siblings that joined their family in 2001. Semi-retired due to chronic illness, Cath still utilizes skills in graphic design, layout, P.R., marketing, networking, group administration, event planning, and more, whenever she can. She also conducts genealogical research and enjoys digital sleuthing, as well. It's her desire to use these skills in whatever enterprise presents itself, and to contribute any gifts she may have to the world, while she's in it.


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If there's a project I can help you with researching, writing, or disseminating, let me know. I'm also happy to respond to constructive criticism of my work, or respectful dialogue about issues discussed in my writing. We may not come to consensus, but I believe it is important for us all to hear out dissenting voices, whether they change our viewpoint, or not.

cathsparks: writer - a lover - not a fighter

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